P&A Fencing - Production,Supply & Fitting

 The work included

  • Removing old fencing if necessary
  • Levelling the ground
  • Using hand tools or mechanical diggers to dig foundations for fence posts
  • Positioning concrete posts, fixing them to a concrete base
  • Cutting panels to size and fixing them to posts
  • Filling the gaps and fix the concrete panels to post with adhesive, to finished fence.
  • Attach the fence additives
        Please note we do not take any rubbish away!

          Pricelist of fitting services
    Fence 3,2Ft high from £45 to £55 per panel
         Fence 5,0Ft high from £55 to £65 per panel
     Fence 6,5Ft high from £65 to £75 per panel
           The Prices depend on the hardness of the ground 
For example, concrete, tarmac, the foundation of the wall, etc..

    Additional fees will be charged for take down a brick or stone                                                                     wall, also for removal of the hedge:
      Brick or stone wall from £5 to £10 per meter
                         Hedge from £5 to £10 per meter
              Please note we do not take any rubbish away!

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